14-Year-Old Blind Dancer Shows People to Never Stop Reaching for the Stars On ‘AGT’


When a child or person passes but he is blind, everybody is likely to think of him as to how he can do all his work.

But Benjamin Yonattan has shut everybody’s mouth, and has also showed everyone that he was not going to let being blind force him to stop achieving his dreams as a dancer.

In 2015, he auditioned for AGT and caught everybody’s eye and twirled his way to judge’s hearts. Once you look at her audition video, you’ll definitely not forget it. It is unbelievable.

His dance, moves and his swaying manner of dance, is just mind-blowing. Now let’s talk about his whole journey and about him also.

Benjamin, at the age of four, was adopted from Guatemala where people only speak Spanish. But he doesn’t know Spanish, and it becomes quite difficult for him to understand as well as speak. But Benjamin found his own way to express his feelings and words by dancing and without speaking a word.

When he was 12 years old, started losing his vision where he described his vision as looking through a straw. So, to help him see around, he wears a pair of glasses that increases his field of vision.

And then he decided to audition in AGT, where his flips, tricks and the mind-blowing spins showed his incredible technical skills, which in turn shows his strength. After his performance, he received a standing ovation from the audience as well as the judges. The audience loved his performance and expressed by hooting and giving him a round of applause.

One of the judges also said – “Benjamin I have to say I’m so glad you graced our stage today”. “You are unstoppable, your dancing is beautiful”.

Another judge said –“Dance is visual art for somebody where images is his handicap, he was creating the most beautiful image for everyone else. Loved that he was there. Loved the message that he was providing.”

After getting so much of good comments from the judges and the audience, Benjamin made it very clear that his passion is dancing and also, he would continue to pursue it after ‘AGT’.

After that, he decided to team-up with Foundation Fighting Blindness and wanted to get registered for the #HowEyeSeelt challenge. He went on to challenge the Glee star Harry Shum Jr. to dance without being able to see. However, it was very difficult for Harry to flash his dance moves with a blindfold.

So, if you’re also inspired by Benjamin’s ‘AGT’ audition, then you must look at his other videos also. He was one of the great achievers who decided to fulfil their dreams without letting anything stop them from doing so.


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