Abhinav Singh Kashyap Says All His Projects Were Damaged by Salman Khan’s Family 


The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has now brought a lot of controversies in the mainstream media. From boycotting the movies of the elite to trending the hash-tags on Twitter, people are angered on the elites of Bollywood. Many people are into this now coming up with their past experiences and difficulties they have faced till now. 

When talking about the people who are sharing about their bitter past, Kangana Ranaut came up with a video bashing the elites of the Bollywood and saying that Sushant didn’t suicide and he was pressurized to do so. After this video went viral, a renowned director/producer Abhinav Singh Kashyap came up with a post on Facebook declaring his rivalry with Salman khan and family.

He has written a complete post telling about what all he has faced because of the Khan brothers, especially Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. He mentioned that it was these people who destroyed his life and he was on complete back-foot and he even got divorced due to his ill mental health. He was threatened and his family members were dragged into this too.

In his post, he said that after the success of Dabangg 1, he was told to move on from the director post and shift to any other post for which he refused, and later he himself dropped out from the project. Later, he has signed a movie with Viacom 18 and that was also interfered by the Khan brothers and later that project was taken from him and he had returned the signing amount.

He also mentioned that after that he was all into the trap and he was just drowning into this and has lost everything because of the Khan brothers and they have made him struggle for the last decade. He was all on his knees, lost his family, was unwell, no movies to direct and many more. 

He came on his foot when Reliance Cinemas came to him and he signed a project with him as mentioned in the post. After that, he gathered all his courage and worked the best to give to the people around the globe with his direction. 

Lastly, he said Sushant should have fought harder and better with them. It is not their industry; it is everyone’s and at times we need to fight to get our rights. 


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