America’s Got Talent : Season 16; NBC Summer TV Series Renewed, Auditions Begin


If you are ready to showcase your talent, come out of your cocoon and get auditioned in ‘America’s Got Talent’. This time, they have decided to go online for the auditions. The audition crew is busy with surfing to find the real jewels for its Season 16.

Now the time has come and AGT’s audition is going to start.

I think you all may know that both groups and individuals can participate in AGT’s audition. NBC has virtual auditions lined up for the end of this week, though Peacock Network hasn’t released a press release about the renewal.

The acts, which will win, will receive a particular amount of cash prize along with a chance to headline in the live show of America’s Got Talent show, which will happen in Las Vegas.

Terry Crews in Season 15 returned as host. Joining along with a new actress Sofia Vergara, Season 14 judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum will return to the judge’s table.

Here are few details about upcoming auditions for the Season 16:

As mentioned, this time, everything will be online for the open call auditions. This is going to held on four different dates of November and December. From those four dates, two are November 14 and 15, while the other two are December 12 and 13. Here’s a pro tip for all that it is not necessary to choose any one; you can choose all the four if you’d like.

If you can’t audition virtually, then you can make your video and send it as a pre-recorded video audition.

Before signing up for an eligibility criterion, make sure that you fall under it. Some of them are that the participant must be a United States citizen living in a legal permanent address and also should have an authorized employment card at the time of audition. Kids have to appear in their audition with their parents or guardians.

Now if you fit in all the above-mentioned points, let’s move on to the next step. Get yourself registered on ‘America’s Got Talent website as a performer profile for the new season 16.

Depending upon your suitable date, during the registration process you can select any one date for a live-stream with the AGT staff. Using Zoom the live audition will start.

If you have queries, you can visit AGT’s FAQ page. If you’re a big fan of AGT, then you might know that Simon Cowell created this show and it was co-produced by Fremantle and Syco Entertainment along with the executive producers Sam Donnelly, Trish Kinane, Simon Cowell, Jason Raff and Richard Wallace.

Keeping all these things in mind, you need to follow the current local government regulations and restrictions also.


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