Armaan Malik Says That He Learnt Dance Because Of Salman Khan


Singer Armaan Malik attributed his dancing skills to Salman Khan. Armaan is well known performer but he says that originally he was only a singer but after Salman said to him that you must learn dance that’s when he decided to learn dancing.

Armaan Malik who is a phenomenal singer has contributed his voice in different songs like – Wajah Tum Ho, Naina and Chaar Shanivaar. He will be seen in one of the episodes of TV Show Yaar Mera Superstar Season 2 which will be aired very soon. And then the celebrity singer was asked that he has been phenomenally performing in the recent times and he has evolved as the overall performer very slowly. So, he was quizzed at the show that what is the reason or who is the inspiration behind this transformation.

To which Armaan Malik replied that one fine day he met Salman Khan at his apartment. And Salman Khan was enquiring constantly about his singing and his other skills. That’s when Salman asked him that you don’t know how to dance to which Armaan Malik said that yes he doesn’t know how to dance. He dances just like any other outsider or inexperienced person. And that’s when Salman suggested very strongly to Armaan Malik that he must learn dancing immediately. Armaan says that Salman added that you can have a beautiful voice but in order to make it big in the industry he must be an overall performer. And in order to be an overall performer a singer must also learn dancing. Even Salman enrolled Armaan in one of the best dance class of Mumbai and he learnt dancing from there.

Armaan Mailk got his huge break in Salman Khan’s movie Jai Ho. Right now, he is good in terms of dancing and he is earning a good name in the industry.


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