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Best Movies of Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise is living a dream. However, the dream has not been set up because of luck; it was the pure talent of the man. The guy deserves every bit of stardom which he possesses. Even though there are many experiences in life, some of them are the best. Such is the case with Tom Cruise and his movies. He was a delight to watch in every film, but some of them left a greater mark on us. Thus, we have compiled a list of the Best Tom Cruise movies. For all the fans, do check out and leave your impression in the comments section.


Here is the list of the best movies of Tom Cruise:


The only thing which sets Tom Cruise ahead from other actors is his versatility to play contrasting roles in a very short time. He can play the role of a hero as a villain relentlessly. After having some good and not so good performances in Magnolia and Vanilla Sky, Tom appeared in Collateral. He played the role of a villain the movie. It was one of the most beautifully shot movies combined with some eye-catching actions scenes. The action thriller had a fantastic plot which led the film to gain nominations for Oscar and Golden Globe Awards. One of the most compelling films of the summer is still a must watch for many Hollywood buffs.

Born on the Fourth of July

Tom Cruise won a Golden Globe Award for this movie, need we say anything more about his performance? He stole the show in the film. He was just a pretty face before this film. This film helped him to stabilise his careers as one of the industry’s greatest actors. He delivered one of the best performance of his career in the movie. The film was greeted with a mixed response, but no one said one word against Tom Cruise after this movie. If you are a Tom Cruise fan, you will love to watch this movie again and again.

Rain Man

Tom Cruise, the chocolaty boy, turned even more chocolaty with the flavour of rain in the film. His character was cocky and a guy who would perfectly suit for the old film-making traditions. Tom stepped out of his comfort zone in Rain Man. He was hailed as one of the most promising actors back then due to his stellar performance. The movie was fantastic and clearly deserved a place in this list.

Edge of Tomorrow

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It was painful to see the golden boy die again and again in the movie. However, that did not stop the film from being a spectacle to watch for all of us. The movie featured Tom Cruise in lead role. He died a lot of times in the film just to get revived once again and do similar things over again and again. The direction was fantastic. The movie never felt left out. It was engaging and thrilling at the same time. After being killed, again and again, Tom tried his best to save his friends and help humanity against machines in the war. It can be easily touted as one of the best action movies of Hollywood in that particular calendar year.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

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The latest movie of the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise was one of the most decorated movies of the series as well. The film featured many stunts performed by the actors themselves. Tom Cruise is a guy who never fails to impress. Even though he is getting old, his passion for movies is never ending. It will ever grow old. The movie was thrilling and made people fall for it yet again. Good looking people were beating the hell out of bad guys at beautiful locations performing high octane stunts, how can someone not love these scenarios?

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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The mission impossible series has its characteristics. Each movie of the franchise was fantastic. However, the fourth one is a charm. The fourth installment of the series was just too good. Not only the movie gained appreciation among the audience, but it went on to register Box Office records as well. Thrill, Action, Drama, Love; this movie had everything that a viewer wants in a movie. You could just wish that it was longer than 133 minutes because you can’t explore the excellence of Tom Cruise in two hours.

Risky Business

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Everything starts with a risky business, isn’t it? This was the debut movie of Tom Cruise where he killed it. It was almost sure that this guy was going to make it big in Hollywood. For many reasons, Risky Business has acquired the #1 position on our list. The direction was fantastic, music was on the mark, performances were appealing, and the story was outstanding. I’m falling out of adjectives at the moment. Risky Business was easily one of the funniest and perceptive movies of that time. It is still fresh, watch it and know why it is at the top.

Ending Statement
Tom Cruise is a legend and what can we say about him? Everything he touches turns into gold. You can also relive his incredible performance by watching any of these seven movies. As a matter of fact, if you want to know about his upcoming films, do check out our article: Tom Cruise Upcoming Movies.



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