Check Out First Look Posters of 2.0 (Robot 2) Starring Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar


2.0 is the said to be one of the most anticipated movie of 2017. First and foremost the movie is being made on a whopping budget of Rs. 350 Crore. It’s one of the costliest movie ever being made, even surpassing Baahubali. Secondly, the movie is said to be sequel of 2010 blockbuster movie Enthiran (Robot). And this is the first time Rajinikanth has paired with Akshay Kumar so we suppose the chemistry between then would be interesting to watch.

On 20th November at 5 pm at a grand launch event in Mumbai, the first poster aka Akshay Kumar’s look for the movie was launched. Akshay is playing the bad guy in the movie.


The movie is of a sci-fi genre where you will see Akshay portraying the role of evil scientist Dr. Richard. The role of Rajnikanth is yet not clear but we suppose that he will be playing the good guy in the movie. Other than Akshay and Rajnikanth, you can also see Amy Jackson in the lead.

The movie is being directed by Shankar and will be released in three different languages. You can watch the movie in Tamil, Telegu and Hindi. The movie is slated to release on the eve of Diwali 2017.


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