Daddy movie teaser starring Arjun Rampal is extremely interesting and dark


Biopics these days in bollywood is one of the most loved subject these days. So, when in 2016 we saw, biopics like Dhoni, Neerja and Sarbjit ruling the box office in 2017 also you have something extremely exciting in store. Don’t believe me?? Then you must know that Arjun Rampal is coming up with the biopic of gangster Arun Gawli known as Daddy. Mumbai has always been the home of gangsters since 1980s and 90s. And Arun Gawli was one of those prominent names. Arun Gawli had been convicted for the murder of a prominent Shiv sena leader. And he was fondly known as Daddy in the underworld circuit and that’s why the name of the movie.

But what amazed was the teaser of the movie or may I precisely say uncanny resemblance between Arjun Rampal and the gangster himself Arun Gawli. No wonder Arjun is much more taller than the Gangster himself. But still there are many more resemblances and similarities between both of them. It seems that lot of research and effort has been put into the look of Arjun Rampal. Arjun on preparation of the movie Daddy said, “We have done a lot of research. It wasn’t easy to shoot for the film as we had to through timelines of several decades”. Do you know that even the makers of the movie Daddy has also kept the entire shooting low key just to keep his entire look extremely secret. The makeup man was called from Italy to achieve the uncanny resemblance between the actor and the gangster.

But do you know that even the security was extremely tight during the shooting. And the director Ashim Ahluwali and the producers have made sure that they could recreate similar look in Versova where the entire movie was shot.

The teaser has become extremely popular in the youtube and other social media channels. Have a look at the teaser here –


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