DC Upcoming Movies With Release Dates


Since DC announced that they’d have an extended universe for their movies, it has been hard for DC fans to keep up with the latest movie updates. DC Comics took over the world a few years ago and had maintained their position. The verse initiated with a Superman movie followed by Batman vs. Superman. The former received good response from the audience, but the latter was average according to many. Suicide Squad released a few months ago and impressed all DC fans. However, now we have entered the phase of asking DC, “What’s next?”

Here comes Batman cruising his way in joined by Superman taking care of the air front. Someone is about to pull a sneak attack over Batman and Superman, but Wonder Woman makes the save. Wonder Woman tries to act smart and forgets a stone is heading towards her, but the Flash arrives in style tearing the stone apart. Ah! Childhood memories live forever. DC comics instantly became a part of our life. This fact is the reason why we want to stay updated with everything associated with DC.

DC has produced many animated movies in the past however the extended universe had its advantage. Marvel took over the world by a storm when they announced their extended universe. It got good reviews and got more famous over the night. Comic fans would agree over the fact that DC was always a step ahead of Marvel in the comics department. That could very well be one of the reasons why DC decided to go ahead with the extended universe.

President of Warner Bros. shared his views concerning their approach to the extended universe. He was seen discussing the previous films. The president talked about how they are trying to improve day by day making the fans like movies. They are trying to match comics of DC and give fans a live experience in DC extended universe films. He said:

“We take these beloved characters and put them in the hands of master filmmakers and make sure they all coordinate with each other. You’ll see the difference when you see Batman v SupermanSuicide SquadJustice League and all the things that we are working on.”

“Every project is different. On some projects, we have multiple writers working together. In some cases, we put writers together who have never been a team together. And sometimes, there is only one writer whose voice is right.”

As the content regarding the first three films of the DC cinematic universe was mentioned in the post, those three films raked in good moolah for DC and assured that this was a good idea. However, the future of DC extended universe seems bright, and fans are interested to know more and more information about the movies. Fans are eager to learn about upcoming films. They are searching for a place where they find all the information about DC upcoming films.

You need not worry about the future. This article contains a list of upcoming DC movie release dates. You can check it out now and stay updated with upcoming DC movies. We have covered every detail concerning the release dates and backstage personnel for your betterment. Also, check the website daily to receive every update regarding upcoming DC movies.


Here is the list of upcoming DC movies:



Release Date

Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins June 2, 2017
Justice League Zack Snyder November 17, 2017
Aquaman James Wan December 21, 2018
Shazam TBA April 5, 2019
Cyborg TBA April 3, 2020
Green Lantern Corps TBA July 24, 2020
Justice League Dark Guillermo del Toro TBA
Untitled Superman film TBA TBA
Untitled Justice League sequel TBA TBA
The Flash TBA TBA
The Batman TBA TBA
Untitled Suicide Squad sequel TBA TBA
Gotham City Sirens TBA TBA
Untitled Black Adam film TBA TBA
Untitled Nightwing film TBA TBA
Untitled Batgirl film TBA TBA
Untitled Wonder Woman sequel TBA TBA


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