Dear Zindagi Take 1: Life Is A Game Teaser Review


The teaser of Dear Zindagi is out now.

The teaser starts off with SRK telling Alia that his dad took him every Sunday to beach, to play Kabbadi with Sea. You’ll ask why and SRK gives a beautiful demonstration of this. He runs and touches the wave and runs. Even Alia joins him in this beautiful demonstration.

Then comes a song in background which goes something like ‘Love you Zindagi’, which sounds a like song made by a bunch of 9th class students. The song may disappoint but the visuals don’t as Alia hugs the tree with a lot of passion. The scene is quite cute. She even runs like a little girl totally feeling the atmosphere.

The duo rides bicycle and Alia says she wants to be free and falls from the bicycle. SRK refuses to help and says go be free.

The 9th class student song comes again and the teaser gives you the release date 25 November.

Well the teaser wasn’t bad as the film looks like it has a message about life, somewhere logic shouldn’t be applied. But this should have worked more as a dialogue promo. The teaser should have been better.

Since the film doesn’t have a lot of commercial appeal and will appeal to only multiplexes and mostly High end multiplex audience. It will have a opening of 10 Crores.


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