Disha Trailer : A Crime That Shocked India


Disha Encounter, a horrifying yet shocking movie, is out with its trailer. You might probably know about the incident, which took place in Hyderabad in November 2019, where a 26-year-old veterinary doctor was allegedly raped and murdered by four men in the outskirts.

The post brutal and the most horrific trailer ever has been released by the filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma.

The murder as well as the gang rape of Disha on 26th November of 2019 shocked the whole country when the 4 guys travelling in a lorry targeted a young woman driving Scooty and brutalized her crossing the upper limits in the crime history of India.

The crime became a sensational issue and all the four men who were involved in Disha’s rape case were killed in an encounter later. The encounter became a huge row and then the Human Rights Commission found fault with the police action.

The Hyderabad women folk say that the ongoing CAA protests have since dominated headlines and it seems like people have gotten back to their daily routine; life’s just not the same for them.

All the women of Hyderabad are wary of strangers; the chilling nature of the crime continues to haunt them, they are looking for signs of danger everywhere, and also constantly looking over their shoulder.

When the trailer was outtoday, the people watching it have seen how brutally the rape occurred. The trailer shows short glimpse of the brutal incident that happened. It also shows how a young woman is captured, assaulted, and raped by the four guys in a lorry.

A great work done by the team of Varma shows how the incident happened and the complete movie will show how justice is served by the Hyderabad police and how those criminals are encountered.

The director Ram Gopal Varma has done lots of sedulous work for making the film, which is based on Disha crime incident. RGV unveiled the trailer of the film on Twitter.

The trailer shows a complete recreation of the whole crime incident, starting from the lady parking her Scooty near the lorry and the men watching her. At night, the four men puncture the tyre of the Scooty and after that they drag her behind the lorry, allegedly rape her and drag her to the truck,go far away from the city and burn her to death.

Directed by Anand Chandra, Disha Encounter is going to release on November 26th.

Such a disgusting crime seen that had shocked everybody in the whole country. As there’s no interesting element, the trailer has nothing to offer. Even when you watch the trailer, it has no dialogues; only loud background music is heard. Finally, in the end of the trailer you’ll hear the sounds of bullets and protests, which are connected with the crime and this is the most interesting part in it.


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