Drishyam’s Sequel Will Also Be a Family Drama


The last time we saw George Kutty, he was walking away from a new police station. At the same time, glimpses of the past were shown where George was digging a hole to bury a body that the whole town was searching for. The body was buried right below where the new police station was constructed.

The writer of the film, Jeethu Joseph, has now penned down a sequel. Mohanlal is set to reprise his portrayal of George Kutty in part 2 of Drishyam.

Drishyam was a massive success at the box office and became immensely popular. The film also got its remake in other languages, Kamal Haasan playing the protagonist in the Tamil Papnasam and Ajay Devgn in the Hindi Drishyam.

In an interview, Joseph revealed that he’s been thinking about writing the sequel for quite a while. The COVID-19 lockdown allowed him to write and now the story is ready.

He said that post-Drishyam, there were always questions regarding its sequel. Mohanlal would also ask him. However, he didn’t know how to continue that story. At last, one possibility seemed clearer to him and he wrote the story again.

He maintains that his approach to the original film was as of a family drama. However, it got branded as a thriller. According to him, only his film, Memories qualifies as a thriller. He stated that in the sequel, too, he has approached the film as a family drama and we’ll find the characters seven years after we last saw them.

The four characters of George Kutty’s family will be played by the same actors. Nonetheless, there will be some new characters as well.

Joseph didn’t reveal much about the script but said that the genre would reflect what we had seen in the first movie.

He first sent the script to his close friends, Mohanlal and Antony Perumbavoor, who was the producer of Drishyam. Both of them liked the script a lot.

The same team was working on a big-budget movie Ram before COVID-19 intervened and stopped the shooting. Ram’s shooting has been put on a halt now, and the rest of the film will be shot in the United Kingdom.

Jeethu said that now is the time for smaller films and as soon as the Government permits, they’ll start filming. He also added that safety precautions would be taken.


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