Emraan Hashmi Starrer Harami in Busan Film Festival’s Prestigious Main Competition Section


An Indo-American production feature film, Harami, which is written as well as directed by Shyam Madiraju in which Emraan Hashmi has officially been selected to be a part of the main competition section of the Busan International Film Festival 2020.

For this year’s main competition, Harami is the only Indian film, which was selected in one from those 10 films. Besides Venice, in a year drastically affected by Covid, Busan is the only other festival that has decided to take place the conventional way.

The executive producer of Harami, Paul Feig said that he absolutely loved Harami.He thought that the movie is a perfect blend of beautiful filmmaking, poignant storytelling and such amazing performance, all while keeping a firm eye on its commercial appeal. He also said that between the cast of amazing young newcomers and the deep talents of Bollywood start Emraan Hashmi, the film is affectively performed and a total crowd-pleaser. Its ultimately uplifting message is exactly what is needed in these troubled times.Shyam Madiraju’s masterful balance of heart, emotion and tension powers the film forward skilfully. He could not be prouder to be an executive producer in this wonderful film and won’t rest until this world gets the chance to fall in love with the way he has.

At Busan Film Festival, ShyamMadirajuspoke aboutHarami getting into main selection by saying, as a filmmaker, he was truly elated that Harami has been invited to be a part of Busan Festival’s main competition section. Korea is the epicentre of the filmmaking universe right now.According to him, it was an immense honour to be a part of the celebration of cinema this year.

The setup of the movie was done on the streets and slums of Mumbai, which is a universal story of redemption ad hope.

Emraan further said that it was Shyam’s script that it really attracted him to his project. He also said that Shyam’s obsession with details was very contagious. Kudos to Shyam and his Harami team for making it to the prestigious main competition section of the festival.

The producer of Harami, Pravesh Singh Rajput said that Harami is a bold and artistic film, but at the same time, it has a very modern style of filmmaking that will appeal to a very wide range of audience,especially in India. He was proud that they are premiering at Busan and he was proud to have helped bring Shyam Madiraju’s vision to the screen.


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