Gabrielle Union or Sofia Vergara : Who Was Paid More on “AGT?”


Although Gabrielle Union was the judge of America’s Got Talent for only one season, there is no denying that she brought some hefty bucks in. But now that we have a new female judge in the panel, the question is, how much is she earning compared to Gabrielle?

Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress of this year. According to a report, she made a hefty amount of about $43 million after starring in the Modern Family show for 11 seasons. America’s Got Talent is Sofia’s first ever experience of being a judge. The gorgeous lady also owns a clothing line, which is sold at Walmart; needless to say, it has spiked her earning this year. She has also been working along with Pepsi and Covergirl, which obviously would have helped her to bring some major cash in her bank account.

As long as Sofia’s paycheck for America’s Got Talent is concerned, it is believed that she has made a whopping $20 million dollar from her first season of the show. This huge sum of money has no doubt helped her to increase her net worth of $180 million dollar. For the past few years of the Modern Family Show, Sofia is being paid $500,000 per episode, which adds up to $10 million. So, we could say that she has got pretty much the same amount for AGT in her debut season.

On the other hand, there is no definite number that has been out when it comes to the paycheck of Gabrielle Union for AGT. However, it is being said that she has been paid $12 million dollar for a single season. Gabrielle has a fantabulous acting career since her childhood and has managed to create a net worth of almost $40 million.

Are We Going to See Sofia As Judge Again?

It is quite out there that everyone just fell in love with Sofia’s personality during her appearance in America’s Got Talent as a judge. This season was quite strange and unconventional due to Simon’s injury and the pandemic. However, the Colombian beauty did a fantastic job as a debut judge for such a big show.


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