‘GulaboSitabo’ Movie Review: A Biting Satire on Lucknow and Its People


‘GulaboSitabo’ is a despondent criticism and a sharp parody on Lucknow and its people. In terms of language,it is superlative.

In the midst of the film, there are agile discussions between Baankey Rastogi (Ayushmann Khurrana), one of the tenants of an old, crumpled Lucknow haveli, Fatima Mahal, and Pandeyji (Shri Prakash Bajpai) an old friend of the landlord Mirza Nawab (Amitabh Bachchan). “Aaj bade din baadtapke (You have come after long),” which is immediately answered“Pake the totapakgaye (I am completely seasoned therefore have come).”The dialogues of Pandeyji are unparallel and humourous.

The cherry on the cake of the film is its language-amalgamation of Hindi-Urdu-Awadhi as used in Lucknow and also the fights. Every single situation, every scene, each and every moment in the film is about people backbiting relentlessly.

Everyone is trying to outshine each other. It’s an all-out war in which words are the weapon. Although the people areimmoral, cold and greedy, their language is good even when it bulldozed. Juhi Chaturvedi has tried to incarcerate, both the unpleasantness and glory in her writing. The lyrics are perfectly as per the need and situation of the films. Like “Fati achkan kedhaagon se latke budhau.”

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, the film is a satire and conceit of people of Lucknow. The star cast includes Farrukh Jafar, Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Srishti Shrivastava, Poornima Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Brijendra Kala, Nalneesh Neel and Tina Bhatia

Landlord and tenant–Mirza and Baankey–spar over the old crumbling haveli–Fatima Mahal–even as Mirza waits for his Begum to die to take over its charge formally. Meanwhile, the archeological department, a local politician and a builder also have their eyes on it.

GulaboSitabo shocks with how it offers heave to even the minutest of characters. Each and every character is eccentric, be it Gyanesh Shukla (consistently solid Vijay Raaz) from the archaic exploration division or the legal advisor Christopher (Brijendra Kala, at long last in a job that gives him enough to dive into) or the throwing chief Jogi Malang himself in the job of the developer Mun.

The centre part of the movie totally gets exaggerated yet GulaboSitabo figures out how to string all the details well together.


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