Halahal Movie Review


Halahal is a thriller movie released on Eros Now starring Sachin Khedekar and Barun Sobti

The story is a murder/suicide mystery. This movie is directed by Randeep Jha and written by our beloved “dephinate” form Wasseypur Zeishan Quadri.


  • Barun Sobti plays Yusuf Quresh
  • Sachin Khedekar asShiv Shankar Sharma
  • Manu Rishi Chadhaas Bhaishab
  • Purnendu Bhattacharya as Acharya
  • Archita Sharma as Sanaya
  • Sanya Bansal as Pooja


The movie starts with the death of Dr. Shiv Shankar Sharma’s daughter. His daughter is a medical student and according to police she committs suicide, but Dr. Shiv Sankar Sharma is not satisfied with this statement. The story revolves around the mysterious death of his daughter. Dr. Shiv tries to find the truth about his daughter’s death. He is further aided by a corrupt police officer Yusuf Quresh. Eventually they figure out that it is not a normal murder but part of something big. A big conspiracy is going on. They find out some shocking facts about this conspiracy. Telling anything more than this will be a spoiler.


Barun Sobti has a good experience with suspense thrillers. His last project was “Asur”,

which was a huge success. He has done a really good job in this movie. Sachin Khedekar has also done a fabulous job. The rest of the cast is also satisfactory. The movie cannot create a hype as a suspense thriller. There are some other factors that affect the movie’s overall performance such as poor direction. The writer Zeishan Quadri did a reasonable job with writing. The movie lacks continuity and the plot has a lot of potential to be explored, but the direction is not up to the mark.

Barun Sobti and Sachin Khedekar look good together. Their chemistry is a result of their talent and experience. If the producers had spent a little more on publicity, this movie could have got more viewers.

Overall Verdict

It is a onetime watch, nothing less and nothing more. We would rate this movie with 5 stars out of 10. The other OTT platforms have better content than this to offer.


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