Here is Lastet Poster Shahrukh Khan’s Raees : Trailer To be Release Tomorrow


Raaes is one of the most awaited movies of the year 2017. And it seems like the trailer is also going to be one of the most awaited trailers. And when a movie stars Shah Rukh khan, then the hype is obvious. Finally, it seems like the wait for all SRK fans has finally been rewarded. You can see the trailer of Rahul Dholakia’s movie Raees on 7th December, 2017 between 10-12 A.M.

Just some moments ago Shahrukh Tweeted and said that “This is my personal locket with my parent’s photo inside it. #RaeesTrailerTomorrow”. As per the sources, Shah Rukh seems to be pretty excited by wearing his own personal locket with his parent’s pictures in it. He believes that his parent’s blessings and good luck is with him. And he is optimistic about the movie with this lucky charm of his.

Check out His Tweet while Release poster

Here is New Poster




As per the sources, the movie has been delayed because the marketing team of the movie Raees were planning to come up with some brilliant marketing plan so that the movie can get all the attention that it deserves. And now the movie is all set to release on 26th January, 2017.

Raees has been in news because of several reasons. One of the primary reason for the movie’s hype is that the movie will be the debut movie of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. She is playing Shah Rukh’s love interest in the movie. But if the reports are to be believed then most of the scenes of Mahira Khan has been deleted to ensure that the movie is smoothly released worldwide. Plus, out of two songs of the movie, one of them is chopped off because Mahira Khan was starring in the song.

Recently, Mumbai based Film publicity designed Rajesh Ghadigaonkar has designed a poster of Raees where the picture of Shah Rukh Khan has been designed with different alcohol bottles made of different colors. SRK will be seen as a bootlegger character in the movie and it is being said that his character is based on the real life Gujarati gangster Abdul Latif.


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