Jolly LL.B 2 Official Trailer – Yet another Masala Comedy By Askhay Kumar


So Wait is Over Here’s Presenting The Official Trailer of Jolly LLB2 Starring Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor in Key Role.

The trailer starts off with Akshay Kumar arriving at court and asking people around him to make way (typical Indian thing). Meet Akshay Kumar as Jolly. He is wicked and a looser. He asks stupid questions in interrogation. He always irritates the judge( contempt of court). Jolly is a lawyer who is a bit corrupt and arrogant (stereotype). And in the name of smartness he commits another contempt of court( don’t worry the movie will be full of this). Just like every common man he has a dream of becoming rich too, which even his girlfriend feels is boring. Finally, comes the villain who is one of the best lawyers of the country, who can easily beat Jolly. But jolly can also attack and he did it( literally). Kumud Mishra is an accused here and this is different from his previous roles.

Since its a law based movie, whining for justice is a must. And becoming a drama queen for that is a must,so how can jolly stay behind. There is a touch of patriotism also. The last scene was the best. Overall the trailer is good. If you are a fan of Akshay Kumar comedies or masala comedies then you will love it. We think the film will get an opening of 13.5 crores.

Jolly LLB 2 is Slated to Release on 10 Feb 2017.


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