Lucknow Central Movie Review: Incredible Performances With An Intriguing Script


Lucknow Central Movie Review

Rating: 3/5 (three) stars

Thumbs Up: Intriguing Script, Great Performances

Thumbs Down: Lukewarm First Half

Watch It or Skip It: Watch it. Despite its firm resemblance with Qaidi Band, Lucknow Central has a gripping plot that deserves a must-watch tag.

Lucknow Central Movie Review: Plot

The movie initiates with a normal day in the normal life of Kishan Mohan Girhota [Farhan Akhtar]. He has a small dream of forming a band and get an entry into big leagues with the aid of his music. He even records a CD to present it to the most popular singer. However, all of his efforts bring out nothing. Though, it was that day when his normal life changed when he was arrested for murdering an IAS officer out of the blue. The cops put him in Lucknow Central, thus explains why the film was titled the same. Kishan had no idea regarding the murder, but he still fought to achieve his dream of forming his very own band even in Lucknow Central.

His dream gets a push ahead as the minister Pawan Singh Chaturvedi [Ravi Kishan] plans to host an inter-jail music competition where jail mates will be allowed to form their own band and perform on the eve of Independence Day. Regardless of the firm pressure cast upon him by Raja Shrivastava [Ronit Roy], Kishan stays confident throughout with some additional help of an NGO activist Gayatri Kashyap [Diana Penty]. Kishan’s inmates include Victor Chattopadhyay [Deepak Dobriyal], Parminder Gill [Gippy Grewal], Dikkat Ansari [Inaamulhaq] and Purushottam Madan Pandit [Rajesh Sharma]. Kishan reveals his intentions of escaping Lucknow Central to the band during the practice sessions as everyone gears to execute the master plan. Will the band escape from Lucknow Central? Will they finally gain freedom? Find out all the answers in the theatres.

Will the band escape from Lucknow Central? Will they finally gain freedom? Find out all the answers in the theatres.

Lucknow Central Movie Review: Plot Analysis

It is well-known that most parts of Lucknow Central highly resemblance with Qaidi Band, a movie that released a few weeks ago. However, Ranjit Tiwari’s direction gives Lucknow Central a must-watch tag. It has one of the best scripts that would appeal to the audience all around India. It has a magic of its own to showcase to the whole world. It has all the commodities to become a hit film. The first half may seem a bit dull to you because of some scenes. However, the second half is going to show you why it is a great movie.

Lucknow Central Movie Review: Star Cast Performance

Farhan Akhtar: He once again proves why he is one of the best actors in the film industry. This performance can be compared with his incredible films such as Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and others. His expressions are on the spot and to put it simply, Farhan Akhtar nails the role of Kishan in the best possible way.

Diana Penty: She acts pretty well in the movie in her role as an NGO activist.

Ronit Roy: He perfectly nails the role of a badass police officer yet again in Lucknow Central.

Ravi Kishan: He is known for his funny sarcastic antics and Ravi shows once again why he is the best at it.

Deepak Dobriyal and Gippy Grewal totally impress with their performances. Rajesh Sharma and Inaamulhaq are decent as well.

Lucknow Central Movie Review: Final Thoughts

Everything related to the film is good enough to bring the audience into theaters this weekend. There are some dull moments but the rest of the film heals all the dull wounds with ease. As we said, it is a film that has incredible performances and an intriguing plot and there are no reasons why you should miss this film. Three stars for this one!


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