M.S.Dhoni-The Untold Story Review


M.S.Dhoni-The Untold Story has released today and people are excited for it as it is a biopic of M.S.Dhoni who is the World’s best captain right now and has led the team to 2 World Cup victories and director is Neeraj Pandey who hasn’t disappointed till now by delivering movies like A Wednesday, Special 26, Baby. so How’s the movie, let’s find out

The movie starts off with M.S.Dhoni sitting in his room and watching fall of wickets in the 2011 World Cup final and he opts to bat next and what follows next is the flashback of how M.S.Dhoni became this man that we are here to see.

The movie suddenly moves to his home town Ranchi where Dhoni is about to be born. Dhoni’s father wanted a son at that time and there is a hospital scene which neither tries to convey anything special nor it makes you laugh as it was intended to be, but it does give you a sort of smile by seeing Anupam Kher’s uncomfortable mannerisms.

The story moves forward by showing Dhoni growing up and have a growing love for sports like football (mostly) and partly tennis, badminton etc and to a very less extent cricket. Since the school team has lost their best wicketkeeper, the coach spots Dhoni goalkeeping and decides to fill the wicket-keeping spot in the team, Dhoni comes for trial and shows his skills, he fails and learns. Dhoni actually wants to bat but he gets to do wicket keeping only, but secretly Dhoni starts his batting practice and he gets some really good results.

Dhoni’s family is concerned as his father is a middle-class man and he wants his son to be better than him in the matter of finances and he wants him to study. So Dhoni plays and studies.

After some years Dhoni has entered his middle teenage phase and he gets to be just a benchwarmer for some time, he gets irritated by this and finally requests to go and proves his worth by scoring a double century. Within an hour of his batting, he managed to make the ground Housefull.

Now Dhoni keeps on scoring for a while till he meets a competitor that make him feel like a Jabra fan and really poor batsmen and that man was Yuvraj Singh. Damn Yuvi comes and walks with a swag of his own and I was impressed too. His personal score was more than the score of Dhoni’s whole team. Dhoni misses a spot in U-19 Team but doesn’t cry over it instead he celebrates it so he doesn’t forget it.

He gets to be a TC, and he does both duty and playing cricket and he gets totally depressed but he learns something about his life by his senior and starts to focus only on cricket and then what you get to see is some really mad level of form with some minor disappointments.

The movie was very long during the first half I was continuously checking the time as there was no interval coming and same happens during the second half. The movie has some unnecessary scenes which I believe that should have been chopped off as they make the film long.

Sushant Singh Rajput has nailed in the acting department. His method acting has done wonders, he looks a lot like Dhoni in all phases the current one, mid teenage phase,young phase. Anupam Kher has acted just like he always acts in movies, there was not much to expect from him in this movie, he manages to do justice to his role. Disha Patani mostly keeps on smiling in her short role and it gets quite irritating, if you can consider smiling acting then she has done brilliant role. Kiara Advani has done decent acting, since her last movie Fugly was not seen by many this will help her in getting some decent offers for acting. Dhoni’s mom role looks convincing in a generic way as you get the feel of “mamta”. Bhumika Chawla has played Dhoni’s sister role and she has done justice to her role.

Neeraj Pandey has not edited his movie properly, some scenes should have been deleted. The movie looked more like a documentary but has seen everything one can know about Dhoni.

There are a lot of scenes where you just want to whistle and clap and people were clapping and whistling and cheering. Trust me, the atmosphere was similar to a stadium and the last ball 6 just won hearts.

In conclusion, if you are a fan of self-made people,Dhoni or cricket this movie is a must watch for you. Expect boredom in parts but the clap worthy scenes will compensate for it.

Our Rating-4/5 STARS


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