Mahesh Babu’s Spyder Teaser Is Finally Out!


On the occasion of Mahesh Babu‘s 42nd birthday, we witness the teaser of his upcoming project, Spyder. The audience is gearing up to watch a smart and powerful villain. Also, we will see an equally intelligent and charismatic hero. We are in for a treat.

Mahesh Babu’s Spyder Teaser Is Finally Out!

This bilingual film, Spyder, is one of the most-awaited movies in recent times. With the one-minute teaser, we get a slight insight over the upcoming project of the filmmaker AR Murugadoss’ project. Here’s the teaser:


Also, in the teaser, we see the antagonist of the film who causes chaos in the city. SJ Suryah is playing the villain. We also see that his character is full of darkness who has something to gain by killing people in numbers. A mask-wearing Suryah said:

“Like government, earthquake, and tsunami, I also make contributions to keeping the growing population under control.”

Mahesh is in a state of shock and confusion and shock because of the troubles caused by Suryah. However, he has a task to stop him. Mahesh, after managing to contact him, sets up a meeting with him in the interrogation room. This reminds us of The Dark Knight confrontation between Batman and Joker.

Rakul Preet is the leading actress in the movie. We also had a glimpse of her in the teaser. Mahesh Babu dubbed in Tamil for his Spyder character. Spyder will mark the debut of Mahesh in the Kollywood industry.

Bharath and RJ Balaji are also going to play a vital role in the movie. Spyder is going to release on September 27, thus targeting Pooja holidays. It was supposed to release on Eid but was postponed because the shooting was not wrapped up in time.

Stay tuned with UMD for further updates and also tell us what you feel about the Teaser in the comments section.


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