Noor Trailer Review : One Can Skip It


The trailer of Noor is out now. Its time to find out how it is!

The trailer starts off with the introduction of Sonakshi Sinha in & as Noor. She is a journalist and she struggles to do basic day to day activities with ease. But after the fun ends she gets to some serious job. She now works on a serious legal story.

The trailer is pretty average. Its an out and out Sonakshi Sinha film, where she has acted just like she acts in every other movie. The comedy scenes are not funny enough. The production values are cheap. The film is just releasing 1 week prior to Baahubali 2. So we would advise you to save your money for Baahubali unless and untill you are a hardcore Sonakshi Sinha fan.

We predict the opening of film to be 3 Crores.

You too have a look!


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