OK Jaanu Trailer Review : Seems Nice


The trailer of OK Jaanu is out now. Its time to find out how it is!

The trailer starts off with an angry Nasrudin Shah who wants to kick out his tenants Aditya and Shraddha. He asks them are they married to which they very rapidly reply that they don’t want to get married.A song comes in the background which seems like a fresh song. The couple is having a lot of fun.

Aditya and Shraddha now talk serious business, as they reveal their career plans. Aditya wants to go to U.S.A. and Shraddha wants to go to Paris. In the mean time they want to have a live in relationship.

Another song comes which also seems nice and it explores the other side of relationship where they are seen sharing their lives 24×7.A lot of sensual scenes are there too, though they haven’t gone overboard like Befikre.Another song comes which again seems nice. In the mean while few comical scenes are there which make sure the film won’t bore the audiences.

The couple is having a lot of fun and they get used to each other, but just when they get used to each other, they get a call from U.S.A. and Paris which is important for both’s careers. They have just 10 days. Now what will they do is left for us to watch.

Overall, the trailer is nice and will appeal to youth as story is similar to today’s youngsters lives who opt for live in relationships.

We predict an opening of 8 crores.

You too have a look!


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