‘Phobia 2’ Is Going To Have A Male Lead

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Radhika Apte’s ‘Phobia’ received great response from critics due to its engaging plot which has motivated the makers of the film to come up with a sequel for the movie. ‘Phobia’ was a psychological thriller directed by Pawan Kripalani. Back then, the film had no male lead. However, this time the movie will have a male lead. Talking about the movie, Viki Rajnani said:

“I am doing ‘Phobia 2’, but this time it’s with a male lead. The script demanded a male lead. The film was critically acclaimed and it made to the list of top ten films of 2016. So, we want to get someone who can pull off that kind of performance.”
‘Phobia 2’ Is Going To Have A Male Lead
Contrary to Phobia, it’s sequel is going to be made on a much bigger scale with an established male actor playing the lead role. Confirming the news, Viki added:
“There was no bloodshed or the paranormal angle in ‘Phobia, ‘ but it was the treatment and execution because of which people liked the film. It is not a horror film… It plays with your mind, and it will scare you. It’s a new age concept for a thriller.”

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The story of the previous film revolved around Mehak [Radhika] who suffered from Agoraphobia, an irritational fear of open public places. Makers are planning to make the movie based on the fear of flying this time. Viki also said:
“There will supporting actors as it’s on a flight and about phobia of flying.”
The film will go on floors soon. ‘Phobia 2’ will release in the first half of 2018.


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