Police Complaint Filed Against Kangana Ranaut


A video made by Kangana Ranaut has got her into some trouble. Recently, the Twitter account of Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel was suspended due to the social media platform’s guidelines being breached. To address this issue, Kangana made a video, which has resulted in a police complaint being filed against her for supporting her sister.

According to reports, the complainant is an advocate by the name Ali Kaashif Khan Deshmukh. A copy of the complaint was obtained by a news portal, which gives us other details of the case. It mentions that the sister has branded a particular sect as terrorists and has called out for genocide and violence, which is being supported by the other. In addition to this, there is also accusation of misuse of power, influence, stardom, and fan base for their personal gains.

In the video, Kangana says that she will apologise if anyone finds anything offensive. She also gave assurance that both she and her sister will apologise for the tweet if it offends anyone. The actress further added that her sister Rangoli clearly stated that people should be shot dead when they threaten doctors and police personnel.

Furthermore, Kangana stated that false allegations were made by celebrities like Farah Ali Khan and Reema Kagti against her sister Rangoli. She said that her sister’s comments were not specifically against a particular community. In the video shared, Kangana clarified that she or her sister does not believe that the people who target police and doctors come from a specific group.


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