Raees And Kaabil 5 Day Extended Weekend Box Office Collections : Growth


Raees has collected very well on the 5th day at the domestic box office. It collected 17.5 Crores on the 5th day. Now the total collections are 95.5 Crores.

Raees got the highest opening of the year despite clash with Kaabil. The film released on non holiday which is not good for release. Raaes’s opening will remain highest for atleast 6 months till Tubelight arrives. No other film can beat it.

Yesterday was a partial holiday of Sunday and Raees did really well according to the situation. Althoug night shows were affected by cricket match.

Raees has crossed 1cr footfalls in just 5 days.

Kaabil on the other hand also performed decently at the box office. It collected 12.25 Crores on the 5th day. Now the total collections are 56.75 Crores.

The opening was poor as Hrithik’s last film Mohenjodaro also performed better despite negative response on both trailer and songs. Kaabil was expected to collect in double digits but it underperformed big time.

Kaabil had to collect around the opening figures yesterday and it did.  It needs around 80 Crores just to recover costs. Kaabil needs to collect in double digits til Sunday to get a hit verdict, otherwise it may be second failure in a row for Hrithik Roshan, which seems unlikely now. A 15 crore 5th day would have been great for Kaabil, but it managed to fair well.

On the other hand Raees needs to stay consistent and if it does it can collect easily 150 Crores. SRK has again proved that he has a lot of stardom and he is just next to Salman in crowd pulling.

Today both films are expected to do well and show better figures and combined extended weekend of 150 Crore is expected out of both films and it happened also

Raees has already collected more than 180+ Crores Worldwide gross and will surely collect 200 Crores Worldwide gross in 1st week.

Kaabil has already collected 70+ Crores Worldwide gross and will surely collect 100 Crores Worldwide gross in 1st week.

Kaabil has crossed 50 lakh footfalls by this weekend.

Now weekdays have begun and real competition starts today.


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