Raees Trailer Review : Clash Is On


The trailer of Raees is out now. Its time to find out how it is!

The trailer starts off with a scene of illegal smuggling of alcohol, with SRK saying a dialogue in the background which we heard in the teaser too.
Then enters Nawazuddin Siddhiqui a cop who is totally against SRK. He is seen crushing bottles of alcohol (of different colors) which looks grand on canvas and just like that he wants to crush SRK too. SRK is also a true Gujrati business man tells him that you can stop him not the business! (Stereotype)
SRK’s alcohol business is seen increasing rapidly like a forest fire.
He is actually Raees and he has a lot of money and is a total selfish businessman.
Then enters Mahira Khan( MNS can start their protest from this moment), she plays the love interest of SRK. Only with him it looks like trademark SRK is there, otherwise he is a total mean corrupt businessman.
Like every corrupt businessman Raees too has a lot of influential friends. Out of which one is a senior level cop( Commissioner I assume) Raees tells him to get Nawaz transferred. But again Nawaz doesn’t give a damn, he wants Raees and he wants him badly. Raees too is confident as hell and you get to see the cliche scene where police doesn’t have witness, evidence against the criminal whom everyone knows he has done the crime.
With Sunny Leone’s item number sounding like a recreation of ‘Laila O Laila’ Song trailer comes to an end.

Overall the trailer seems nice and those who love to watch Masala Films will love this. Multiplex audience may not like the film as much as Single Screen audience.
Trailer is action packed and doesnt look like a typical SRK film as only a part of him will be scene during romantic songs, otherwise we just get to see a selfish businessman and a criminal who is very violent.

As of now we predict the opening to be 18 Crores.

Watch the trailer here!


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