Ram Gopal Verma Releases Trailer of His Next Movie Titled Coronavirus


Bollywood celebrities in lockdown have managed to entertain us through by posting videos of cooking, mopping, cutting their partner’s hair, and giving us fitness goals. Others are still in touch with their creative side with Salman Khan writing songs and Kartik created his new show called “Koki Poochega”, where he plays a news anchor and interviews people. However, all of them are away from movies, except Ram Gopal Verma.

Ram Gopal Verma recently released the trailer for his upcoming Telugu movie, which has the title “Coronavirus”. The movie’s subject is how people are dealing with lockdown and pandemic.

The four-minute trailer was released on Tuesday evening on the filmmaker’s Twitter Handle. The film has been entirely shot during the lockdown. The story focuses on the life of a family amid lockdown. While sharing the trailer, Verma said he attempted to prove that nothing can stop his work.

In his tweet, the filmmaker wrote that this is the trailer of his film coronavirus, which has been shot in lockdown. He also wrote that the movie’s story is set in lockdown and he wanted to prove that nobody can stop his work, whether it is God or corona.

In another tweet, the filmmaker said that the film is about the horrors inside all of us and it is a test of the power of love against the fear of disease. The trailer sets up a horror movie with a girl constantly coughing, making her father worried.

The movie features Srikanth Iyengar and is directed by Agastya Manju. DSR has composed the music. The trailer does not indicate when the film will be released, and it only shows the year 2020.


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