Rangoon 1st Monday Collections : Finished


Rangoon has collected 1.2 Crores on its 4th day. Now the total collections are 18.2 Crores. The collections are poor as Shahid’s films are taking double digit openings and this also features Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut too so the results should have been better.

Even Haider’s opening weekend was more than Rangoon by a matter of few lakhs despite clash with a big film Bang Bang.

The one thing good about Vishal’s films is that at least his films get good reviews but this one couldn’t even get that. The reviews are extreme as some say its the best masterpiece and some say its the biggest crap.

The drop on Monday is more than 70% which is pathetic for a film which opened poorly

The writing is clear on the wall and it is all set to be one of the biggest disaster of all time. Move over Bombay Velvet now Rangoon is all set to be the benchmarks for all disasters.

Makers can celebrate if the film even crosses 30 Crores mark as now even 25 Crore mark looks huge for film.


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