Review of Sushanth Singh Rajput Starrer Dil Bechara


With Dil Bechara, Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film, most of the country got closure from his untimely death.

Based on John Green’s book, ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ Dil Bechara revolves around the lives of two romantically inclined young people who try and live their lives despite being hit by bad times.

KizieBasu, who is played by debutante Sanjana Sanghi is a college student, who is a loner and an introvert. She also happens to have thyroid cancer and relies on an oxygen tank to help her breathe. Her quiet life turns upside down when she meets Immanuel Rajkumar Junior or Manny (Rajput), a college graduate who was cured of cancer a few years back. His different character and love for everything Bollywood annoys Kizie initially, but soon she is drawn to him and softens herself. The two of them fall in love; however, they are reminded of the terminal disease in their lives.

Most of the movie stays true to its origin and the Hollywood version, with a Bollywood tinge. However, the writing isn’t very substantial; the characters are not given sufficient backstories. Several scenarios happen to appear without a prior introduction.

On the positive side, however, the film is short and crisp and does not linger unnecessarily. Not cringeworthy, but romantic enough to pull at your heart – the movie has a perfect balance. The experience of this young couple newly in love, grinning at each other, gives you a smile on your face as well. This is sure because of Rajput’s and Sanghi’s performances.

Despite a lack of character build-up, the duo gave a commendable performance with a great chemistry between them. Rajput enacted the ever-laughing, jovial and bright Manny all through and Sanghi, too, provides an excellent performance as the hesitant, shy, but fun Kizie. Special mention to Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee, Kizie’s loving parents who give us a fresh portrayal of balanced parenting.

Although most of us weren’t first-timers to the story, the film had a lovely tone. Without overdoing anything, it was a relief to watch the grinning Sushanth on screen.


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