Saif Ali Khan Allowed Tandav Shoot Inside Pataudi Palace: ‘It Still Makes Me Nervous’


This time,Saif Ali Khan is going to shoot for his upcoming film Tandav at Pataudi in his own ancestral palace. He made an exception for this movie to shoot for the film inside the ancestral palace, which he had earlier never allowed.

The director of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming movie Tandav is Ali Abbas Zafar. In this movie, Saif will be playing the role of an ambitious politician with his eyes on the Prime Minister’s chair. He belongs to a family full of powerful leaders and hence there’s a requirement for a palace for the movie. And his palace is the best option for the shoot.

While talking to the press, Saif revealed how renting out the palace still makes him nervous. He said that he didn’t mind giving it for shoots sometimes because it remained unused 340 days of the year. These days, film crews have become responsible and look after the venue but it still makes him nervous. Usually, he is more comfortable if they are filming around the exterior of the palace. But for Tandav, he made an exception. He further said that he thinks it is the palace that lends us the royal look. Anyone standing there would look royal.

When talking about the palace, he further said that it’s impossible to put a value to it in monetary terms because emotionally, the property is priceless. His grandparents and father are buried there; there’s security, serenity and a spiritual connection there for him. The land goes back by a few centuries, but the palace that his grandfather built for his grandmother is around a hundred years old. He was a ruling monarch then, but since then, titles have been abolished. These are different times, which is why his father had leased it out and Francis and Aman, who ran a hotel business in the palace, took good care of the property and were like family. His mother, Sharmila Tagore, had a cottage there and she was always comfortable.

Saif Ali Khan said in another interview about how his own privileged upbringing meant that he was the right choice for the role in Tandav. He said that he has grown up as a very privileged prince of a politician; a lot of that will come naturally to him because of the way he had been brought up.


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