Shivaay 2nd Trailer Review


The 2nd trailer of Shivaay is out now.

The trailer starts off with Ajay’s daughter standing with a doll in her hands and fear in her minds. She starts crying and running. Ajay says a good dialogue about who really needs a family. He also talks about whatever young age is of his relationship with his girlfriend belongs to his daughter and whatever wrong has happened to their love shouldn’t happen to his daughter and she should stay alive.

Her girlfriend thinks she already has a lot of lives which she has to care for. Ajay’s daughter is seen interacting with an old person which seems like her grand father. His daughter seems quite angry and is upset with something. Ajay scolds her too.

Sayesha too has 1 dialogue and she says that one dialogue about fathers which she already said in Tere Naal Ishqa Song.

The trailer ends off with Ajay crying a lot and it seems the film is quite emotional.

It seems as if the girl can’t speak, she is seen communicating by writing on a piece of paper.

There are a lot of action sequences in the trailer and it seems as if the film is filled with Hollywood style action Sequences, which will be a treat to watch on the big screen. There is a song which plays in the background, which is Ratein song by Jasleen Royal but it’s different from the version which is already launched. The 2nd trailer is quite similar to the first trailer and this one is good too, this one seems bit emotional as compared to the first trailer. Although the makers haven’t yet revealed anything major about the plot, which is a positive thing as people will come to theaters to watch the film, then only they will know the story.

The first trailer received a tremendous response and did the trick, the songs didn’t got that level of response. After that trailer 2nd trailer shouldn’t have been revealed but it won’t harm as it’s good and can help in generating more buzz.

After the trailer is over Ajay wishes everyone Happy Diwali and seems quite confident about his film. Well we also wish him a very Happy Diwali and the film may get all the success it deserves.

You guys have a look too!


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