Siddharth Malhotra Speaks on Pak Artists Ban


Post the Uri attack Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) issued a strong notice for all the Pakistan artists and told them to leave Mumbai. Owing to the notice from the local political party of Maharashtra a huge debate has ensued which has supporters on both the sides. Bollywood is in splits these over this issue and every other day some or other comment from Bollywood stars are in news.

Recently in an interview the SOTY debutant Sidharth Malhotra expressed his views regarding this topic. He quite clearly mentioned that we should treat these people from other nations on the basis of humanity and not on the basis of their caste, creed or nationality. He further quoted that they find the employment owing to their talent, skills and expertise and not on the basis of their nationality. He mentioned about the world becoming a global village and the unfeasible idea of excluding people from Bollywood only because they belong to a particular nation.

Sidharth Malhotra quoted on this issue as follows “I feel that creativity or artists or any kind of creative field, be it movie, has no connections with what happens politically in different countries. I don’t personally feel it’s going to make difference to our situations. We’re just soft targets and that’s why they are commenting and trying to bring this issue up. “

He further added about the good relations he shares with his Kapoor and Sons co-star Fawad Khan and said that he was personally hurt by the comments made about him and the ongoing rumours that he will soon be leaving India. The star added “So it’s sad because I’ve worked with Fawad and we didn’t cast somebody because of their nationality. We cast them as an individual and as performers, and there are so many other technicians who come from all around the world, in India, to work. Not only actors, there are cameramen, there are artists, there are make-up artists and people… So the world is becoming smaller and smaller and you can’t say yes or no to one particular nationality.”

He further quoted that he is in contact with the star and that Fawad wasn’t even present in India at the when such rumours were soaring.


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