Simon Made a 13-Year-Old AGT Contestant Cry with His Jarring Comments


Charlotte Summers was a contestant who appeared on America’s Got Talent Season 14 hoping to win the entire competition while grabbing herself a 1-million-dollar cheque. Charlotte Summers has also appeared in La Voz Kids. She had a lot of stage experience beforehand, which clearly reflected in her performance. However, all that was not useful against Simon Cowell’s harsh remarks that left her in tears.

Charlotte Summers’s AGT audition was great as she successfully impressed all of the judges with her rendition of “I Put a Spell on You”. She also mentioned that her favourite judge is Simon Cowell and also commented that if she wins the competition, she’ll buy a guinea pig and will name him after Simon. She also advanced through the judge cuts, but the problem started during her performance in the quarter finals and every thing went south from there onwards.

The 13-year-old performed “Diamonds Are Forever”, which was not the best choice of song for to her voice, judges said. “I don’t know if I would’ve chosen that song” Howie Mandel said. “I feel like your personality is so dynamic and we didn’t really see that,” Julianna Hough said. “We saw your voice and your capability but the personality of who you are which we love, I don’t think shined as much.”

“As Julianne said you have one of the best personalities of all the contestants, we’ve had this year, you really do,” Simon said. “Your body language right now is telling us everything I know you are feeling and I am feeling right now is…that was a terrible terrible song choice for you.” All these remarks made the 13 year old weep and she broke down into tears as Terry crew, the host comforted her.

“It really was” Simon continued. “I hate saying this to you, I’m aware of how young you are and I’m praying that the audience dismisses the song choice.” Simon’s jarring comments indeed upset Charlotte and she was later eliminated from the competition.

Simon has been pretty harsh and savage before and judges only on the basis of one’s capability and talent. However, Charlotte Summers has managed to grow her own YouTube channel very well after AGT. She was also then selected as one of the 100 Child prodigies at the Global Child Prodigy Awards.


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