Simran Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut Stands Tall But The Film Falters


Simran Movie Review

Rating: 2/5 (two) stars

Thumbs Up: Kangana Ranaut, Background Tracks and once again, Kangana Ranaut

Thumbs Down: Some unnecessary scenes, Music, Editing

Watch It or Skip It: Watch it. To be more precise, it is a one time watch, Kangana’s performance deserves it.

Simran Movie Review: Plot

The movie begins off with Praful Patel [Kangana Ranaut] having an eye for owning a personal house in Atlanta. Despite having her parents living in the town, she is an independent house keeper who wants to live life on her own terms. She is a kind of girl who knows how to smile and bring out the positive side of her even during the disastrous times. Her life was going on the right track till she gets addicted to gambling on her trip to Las Vegas for attending her cousin’s bachelorette party. A string of issues leads to an unconventional turn in the movie that is bound to take you on an emotional journey for sure.

In pursuit of taking care of her life, she walks on the wrong path in the second half. Her addiction gets the better of her most of the times. Keeping up with her positive attitude, she even meets Sameer [Sohum Shah] and intends to go back to her previous life where she used to be a freebird. Why is the film titled Simran? How is that related to Praful? Will she be able to get back on the right track? Find out all the answers in the theatres near you.

Simran Movie Review: Plot Analysis

Praful Patel is the major highlight of the whole film. The complete plot is an open sky which is filled with emotions at every point. The movie offers you a chance to browse the unconventionality part of Indian cinema at the best. Though, there are some scenes that are dragged farther than they should have, Simran manages to sustain the damage in a smart way. Watch out for the climax of the story. If not for the editing of the film that left some unnecessary scenes, it would have been one of the best films of the year due to its unconventional value. The characters of the film are simply memorable, you’ll never forget any one of them.

Simran Movie Review: Star Cast Performance

Kangana Ranaut: Simran is definitely one of the best films of her career. She previously showed her acting skills by winning everyone’s hearts in Queen. Kangana repeats the magic trick once again by giving out one of the best performances of her career in the film.

Simran is Kangana Ranaut’s film. Everyone else plays their role perfectly. From Sohum Shah to the bartender of the movie, all of them played their parts really well. Though, Kangana Ranaut is present in every frame of the movie. Her magic will never let you rest throughout the film.

Simran Movie Review: Final Thoughts

Kangana Ranaut is definitely the woman to watch out for in the movie. You can watch her all day along in this avatar and have a smile on your face. However, there were some unnecessary scenes, especially the addition of Lagdi Hai Thaai was not necessary at all. As we say, Kangana Ranaut stands tall but the film falters. Two stars for this one!


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