Spider-Man: Homecoming, Mom and Guest iin London Day 4 Box Office Collections: Mom and Spider-Man: Homecoming Stay Stable!


All the three films managed to bring over 50 crores in their 1st weekend together. The minimum amount expected in weekdays will range in 25 crores combined. Spider-Man: Homecoming and Mom sustained at the Indian Box Office on their 1st Monday. However, for Guest iin London, it looks like the time is over. Read the detailed report of the collections here:

Mom earned relatively well at the Indian Box Office. Collections are equal to what the film earned on its first Friday. The low ticket rates compared to its opening day has brought the collections down to 2.52 crores which are still good for a film like Mom. As of now, it stands at the total of 16.92 crores at the Indian Box Office. Mom Day 4 Box Office Collections currently stands at 2.52 crores.

Guest iin London showed minimal growth over the weekend which was a good sign for a film which was thrashed by the critics. Though, the collections were still on the lower side. It collected in terms of lakhs on its first Monday bringing in 65 lakhs only. The movie has not been loved as much as its prequel was. Presently, Guest iin London stands at a total of 6 crores*.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has continued to be the first pick of the audience in India. The reports look good for the movie. However, it has failed to earn as much money as much The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did. Still, the collections are pretty good. With additional 3.5 crores in its kitty, the total collections of the movie stand at 36 crores* as of now.


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