Sushmita Sen Back with a Banger Gangster Family Drama


All the 90s kids’ heartthrob Sushmita Sen is back with bang in and as Aarya, a slow-paced gangster family drama. Now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, Aarya is believed to be Sushmita Sen’s return to acting after a decade of absence from the Bollywood movie scene.

The thriller drama has over nine episodes, each almost an hour, which keeps you glued to your seats as every episode’s end makes you watch the next one. However, it’s not like other series you are habitual of as creators and directors of the show Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi along with co-director Vinod Rawat have built a plot with enough twists around the protagonist while intentionally making each episode long and stretchy.

The plot revolves around the protagonist Aarya (Sushmita Sen) who tries to keep her family and business safe from revenge-seeking villains. We won’t give any spoilers but will tell you that the story successfully keeps you engaged all the time while being lengthy too.

The show is altered from the Dutch show Penoza; while being low and lengthy, it raises a question about the standards we Indians are used to. Maybe it’s time we should start considering other ways of film making rather than sticking to only fast-paced thrillers.

Sushmita Sen has played the role of a mid-aged women gracefully while justifying each and every dialogue with her amazing acting skills. The series is unlike all the other web series you see; the directors have focused more on showcasing emotional consequences of a death in a family and how the family deals with the aftermath.

You can draw some similarities between Aarya and Tim Robbins from Shawshank Redemption. She is an innocent outsider who slowly learns the inner workings and interests of people to survive the industry. Sushmita Sen has gracefully portrayed the character of Aarya with dignity and brought justice to the character. People were curious on whether Sushmita Sen will be able to be as good as she used to be, but after the pilot you know she still got it.

We just wished that the creators and directors had spent less time in incorporating the scenes that weren’t necessary and instead added some more flair and involvement of other characters in the series.

Let us know how you like the series and what your thoughts are about the series.



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