Top 10 America’s Got Talent Trivia  


If you use YouTube often, then chances are you might have encountered some interesting performances of people in America’s Got Talent. AGT originated back in 2006 and has taken the kindergarten talent show to a whole new level. Contestants from all around the world can now participate and fight their way to the top to win the hefty 1-million-dollar check.

AGT has truly made some of the artists’ lives after they appeared on it and has helped to showcase various new talents of people from different corners of the world to the entire globe. You might already know a lot about the show but here are some interesting facts related to everyone’s favourite show

  1. The hefty million-dollar prize is paid out over 40 years.

Usually, when you see people winning one-million-dollar prize, you may think that they are being handed a check of one million dollar. However, the show gives $25,000 over a period of 40 years.

  1. A 10-year-old was so good, everyone thought she is lip-syncing

Jackie Evancho, a 10-year-old, blew everyone’s mind when she grabbed the mic and started signing. Everyone among the audience as well as judges experienced instant goosebumps. Jackie was then selected for the next round, but Howie wanted to confirm it for everyone that it was her singing for real and he made her sing a note.

  1. None of the current judges are from America

Howie Mandel is from Canada, Heidi Klum is from Germany, and Mel B and Simon Cowell are originally from the UK.

  1. Earlier people used Myspace to audition

During the initial days, AGT used Myspace as a platform for people to put their performance video to get selected for the show. You can still use a video and submit it to get a call from AGT, but Myspace is not in the action any more.

  1. One of the most popular winning talents is Ventriloquism

This dying is art is not common these days but it is surely one of the most popular winning talent categories in AGT’s history. 3 out of 14 winners of the show are Ventriloquists.

  1. Magicians have won the competition twice

Mat Franco was the first ever magician to win AGT and then came Shin Lim who went on to change people’s perception for magic and won AGT. Shin Lim also won the latest AGT Champions show.

  1. The Golden Buzzer was not always there

The Golden Buzzer, which could take you directly to the semi-finals, was not always there. It was first introduced in season 9 of AGT. All the judges are allowed to press the golden buzzer once throughout the entire season.

  1. The youngest winner was a 11-year old

There have been may young talents in the show and many have won like Grace Vanderwal and Darci Lynne. However, the youngest of all of them was Bianca Ryan, a singer and writer who won the season 1 of AGT.

  1. The judges and hosts have changed a lot

You could easily find some footages of season one on YouTube and you will find out that the whole judging panel was different at that time except Howie. The hosts have also been changed several timesover the years.

  1. There are Got Talent shows across the globe

It’s not just America and Britain that has their Got Talent show. There are approximately 184 such shows with same format around the world in different countries.

So, these are some interesting facts about AGT. We all can’t get enough of it and we are pretty sure neither do you. We hope this show keeps on entertaining us as it has done for many years.


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