Top 7 Spiritual Symbols


Spiritualism plays a very important role in human life. It is an abstract concept, which has to be felt and visualized. Human beings have been following spiritualism since long. It has withstood the test of time and proved to be true and relevant. There are certain spiritual symbols,which are followed by human beings. There may be different interpretations of one spiritual symbol. These spiritual symbols are accepted by the people and have aesthetic sense. There are many spiritual symbols but seven of them are the most followed ones.

  1. The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a very beautiful symbol. The branches of the tall tree reaching highup towards the heaven and the roots deep into the soil or earth thus interconnects the earth and the heaven. The leaves on the branches are symbolic of divine forms of life as human beings.

  1. Yin Yang

Yin Yang is a simple symbol, which represents two equal and opposite forces of life in the universe. The white circle in the black section symbolises coexistence with harmony. Despite having differences, Yin represents negativity, feminism, passiveness and Yang, the bright side represents positivity, activity and masculinity.

  1. The Lotus

The lotus flower is a very sacred one followed by the community since ages. It is an ancient symbol of spirituality, which represents enlightenment, development and perseverance. The lotus also symbolises growth and development in adverse conditions.

  1. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

The colour is indigo, with a chanting sound of “OM” and the main element is light. The perfect location is between the eyes and the forehead and that’s why it is also known as brow chakra. This chakra is associated with the sixth sense of your body and the intuition that governs the functioning of other chakras.

  1. Flower of Life

The flower of life is an ancient symbol of life, which is multi-symbolic. First of all, it is a geometrically well-designed shape. Secondly, the use of it for spiritual purpose is a nature of life itself. It is symbolic of love, fertility, sanctity and beauty.

  1. Om Mandala

Om Mandala is a kind of vibration, which connects with the universe. The sound allows the energy to flow around us and it considered one of the most important spiritual symbols. The chanting of OM brings together all the words and sounds in all existing human languages. We feel connected to the divine, which is the ultimate purpose of Om chanting.

  1. The Chakra Snake

Starting at the very base and ending just above the head, they follow the length of the spine. Each of the seven chakras has its own meaning, colour and symbol. Since our born day, it has been believed that the life force energy or the kundalini energy resides dormant at the base of the spine, which is coiled up like a serpent.

All these spiritual symbols have their own meaning and different symbols. We hope that you’ve learned something new about the spiritual symbols.


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