Tutak Tutak Tutiya Review – Prabhudeva, Tammannah film


Tutak Tutak Tutiya has released today. Now its time to find out how’s it.

After seeing the trailer, the audience pretty much knows the entire story of the film. Just add that up with a few songs, a few lame ghost humor and then there’s your film. Totally ready.

Prabhudeva falls for hot girls and wants to marry one someday. Achieving this dream is his sole purpose of life and there are some horror scenes in it.

It was expected to be a funny affair, most of the gags in this film fall pretty much flat. Prabhudeva’s comic timing is decent.

There are those stereotypical characters of Murali Sharma playing the cliched Celebrity manager.

Second half totally bores you and the first half is not any better.

The actress is trying to be a ghost or ghost is trying to be an actress. Good luck trying to figure that out.

There is no need to apply logic here.

Prabhudeva shines in his role, despite featuring Sonu Sood, Tammanh Bhatia who are actually full-fledged actors. They hardly show any signs of good acting.

Songs are silly and you can’t make sense out of it.

Overall some scenes are funny but otherwise you can skip it and watch a regular masala south Indian movie which keeps coming on television.


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