Video: How Aamir Khan went from flab to fab for Dangal


We all know that Aamir Khan is known to travel an extra mile for his films. And just the same thing happened with the actor’s latest movie Dangal. The movie is all set to release on 23rd December but the actor has started the preparation for the movie much before that.

When you will see the movie then you will realise that there are two versions of Aamir Khan aka Mahavir Singh in the movie. The first version shows his older self where he is seen as essaying the role of father Mahavir Singh. You can say that Aamir Khan is playing the role of elder Mahavir Singh.

Whereas, in the younger version of Mahavir Singh, you see the lean and thin Aamir Khan. Do you know that Aamir Khan gained 25 Kg to play the role of elder Mahavir Singh whereas in order to play the younger version of the wrestler he shed all those extra flabs and got back into his shape.

Aamir insisted that the scenes related to older version of Mahavir Singh should be shot firstly. He ate anything and everything in order to gain that extra weight. He ate samosas, brownies, sweets, rice, and almost all the fattening things. But the real deal came when he wanted to lose weight. He started with an extremely strict diet regimen where he ate upma and papaya as breakfast. In lunch, he had a protein shake and tuna sandwich with roti and vegetables as the dinner.

Along with this, he went on an intensive weight training exercise regimen too. He also attributes this physical change to his fitness trainer Rahul Bhatt to Rakesh Udiyar who is not only a bodybuilder but also a celebrity fitness trainer.

Have a look at the video given below to know more about his transformation.




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