Vishal Bhardwaj Note on Irrfan’s memory


We have been really falling behind in keeping track of time in the slope down. It’s really been several days since Irrfan Khan passed away. It was one of the most devastating untimely death of a leading Bollywood personality

These days have been challenging in reconciling the void that he has left. Vishal Bhardwaj has tried to pen down his thoughts to express what he felt about the untimely death of Irrfan Khan. In the first half of 2018, Irrfan Khan was supposed to work on a project with Vishal. Vishal had directed him in ‘Maqbool,’ ‘7 KhoonMaaf’ and ‘Haider.’He has also worked with him in ‘Talvar’ and ‘Madaari.’

But then, things took an unexpected turn. Vishal announced in March that year, “Irrfan is a warrior, and we know he’ll conquer the battle.”

And then he postponed the project promised. And said he’ll start with renewed energy and celebration when thewarrior returned as a winner. The warrior kept on fighting, but this time he could not come victorious.

Vishal was in touch with Irrfan throughout these two years as he was battling with the situation. He exchanged notes with him, sometimes joked, and shared his apprehensions with him. And it ended when he summed it up with “A part of me has died with him.”

Several days after Irrfan passed away, Vishal wrote a note in his memory.

He explained in his own words. No actor will be able to take that space in his life ever again.

As we go through the screenplay with him, you can navigate through his show to screenplay and sense what he was going through.When he heard from the caretaker that Irrfan Khan is no more,these words instilled a sense of devastation in him.

We can only hope that the Irrfan rests in peace, and his loved ones find peace in his memory through the positive learnings he had to give.


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